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Looking Up Down Under – the PHANU Story

Griffith University

Griffith University

From Phoenix Rising

“ME/CFS research around the world is pretty spotty. The US and the UK are long-time hubs, with Canada coming on in the last few years.  Outside of the Nijs/DeMeirleir work in the Netherlands/Belgium, you can scratch out most of Europe.  South of the equator, the picture is bleak until you get to Australia: things are definitely happening “Down Under”.

The Lloyd team pulled off the Dubbo studies, which are cited again and again in the literature. Poor funding hampered them from completing more studies but now the PHANU group at Bond University is showing up big time. Piling up papers and abstracts at the Ottawa IACFS/ME conference, they were easily the busiest group to present there. In a short time they’ve become one of the bright lights in the ME/CFS research universe….”

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